Rowing for hope


The aim is to give as much visibility (and donations!) as possible to the Virade de Paris during the Traversée de Paris et des Hauts-de-Seine. Both events take place on 25 September 2016, the same day as the national cystic fibrosis awareness day in France. French charity Vaincre la Mucoviscidose (VLM) will hold its Paris events, including races and games, throughout the day in the Jardin d’Acclimatation, in close geographical proximity to the start and finish point of the Traversée de Paris et des Hauts-de-Seine.

For VLM, this national cystic fibrosis awareness day represents a huge outpouring of generosity, a breath of fresh air, a gift of time, and a financial donation.

We would like to encourage all clubs taking part in the 2016 Traversée de Paris et des Hauts-de-Seine to set up their own challenge, and ask all their members, friends and family to donate generously and thus help combat this terrible illness.

Creating a challenge and/or collecting donations is simple:

In just a few clicks, set up your donations webpage, determine the amount you wish to collect, and share the page with your friends and relatives. All they need to do is sponsor you by making a donation on your page!

To set up a challenge, simply click here

For French citizens, please note that a €50 donation actually only costs €17 after tax deductions. For the charity, €50 represents 2h of housekeeping assistance for a patient in need.

For further information about the Virade de Paris event, organised by VLM, please click here


N.B. Making a credit card donation is safe and goes straight to the charity. The donor receives a tax receipt by email within 24 hours. In France, the donation is 66% tax-deductible for individuals, and 60% for companies.

What happens when citizens of other countries wish to make a donation?

Donors from the United Kingdom:

Everything depends on donors’ income tax rate. For a £100 donation, donors can ask for a £25 tax reduction if they are subject to a 40% tax rate, and £37.50 if they are subject to a 50% rate. It is worth noting that the receiving charity can ask for a tax reduction of the same amount as that requested by the donor.

Donors from Germany:

German taxpayers can declare all donations made to charities as “exceptional expenses”, which will then be deducted from their taxable income. However, these donations cannot exceed 20% of their taxable income for the given year.

Donors from Spain:

Donations made to charities can be deducted from a taxpayer’s deductible taxable amount, to a maximum of 25%. The tax base of the deduction cannot exceed 10% of the total taxable base for the period.

Donors from the Netherlands:

The Dutch state differentiates between regular donations and one-off donations, called “gifts”.

Regular donations are entirely tax deductible. Gifts are more complex: for a taxable income of €30,000, and for a “gift” of €4,000, the deductible amount is €2,700; if this “gift” is made to a cultural institution, the deductible amount rises to €3,700.